Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life as a Mess Manager

I found that it is very much interesting to be a mess manager at ISEC if you are working seriously in the mess.... Forget your studies is the first formula of being a good mess manager but if you really want to be an efficient one you have to do it simultaneously... Whenever I have been the mess manager in ISEC I had tremendous trouble with the staff and sometimes even with the boys. This time was also no exception... But there was a difference this time... So I sorted ou what are the good ways to be a good mess manager

1)Never shout at the mess this is one thing I use to do every time even this time was not an exception... But this is the first rule

2) Division of work between the two managers ... Often it happens that your partner works and you dozz or vice versa this shouldnt be the case

3)Keep an account of the number of people eating in the mess it often happens that 24 people are there and the prepaaration is for 40 people this shouldnt be the case

4)Make extras atleast 6 this is another formula of reducing mess bill

5)Dont allow sabji bill tobe more than 250 per day order regularly and accordingly prepare a chart

6)Keep an account of the milk... I would prefer bringing milk

7)Give your guest advantage of paying later collect advance but little dont tell him it has exceeded this much and he needs to pay

8)Last but not the least take rates of grocery everyday so that you have an idea where things are heading at

I have followed some of these and I have always gained so think if everybody have managed in that manner how good will it be
Cheeers Ayan