Friday, May 28, 2010

Why the government isn't answerable to law for its callousness?

If it is an Maoist attack on the Jnaneswari Express. It must be condemned and the rebels should be punished by law.... But alternatively it was a government fault too which did not learnt from past experience and thus did not take enough measure to prevent this type of accident... So why should they not be answerable to law.? My deepest condolence to the bereaved families of those who died in the sabotage of Jnaneswari express. May the souls of all those who died rest in peace.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An open appeal to all----- Why Should I pay for Azmal Kasab???

Dear Country men and women,

I dont want to pay for Azmal Kasab who has come to my country killed people tried to disintegrate the unity of our country tried to terrorise you and me..... You must be quizzing yourself that how I and you being a common man paying towards him...... You must be aware of the fact that crores of Rupees are being spent for his security and this money comes from our tax. Even those who do not pay income tax pay sales tax through all the purchase they made for there living so the poorest of the poor is also making a contribution towards his security.... Although I am proud that my fellow country men are tolerant enough (which proves that they are Indians) to spend there hard earned money behind a terrorist who killed their fellowmen. But I am a black sheep.... I dont want to pay for him........ I feel that we should respect other countries not try to disintegrate them unnecessarily. But if somebody attacks us we must not leave him every day this fellow (Azmal Kasab) lives we spend our hard earned money for him that we give as a tax for development that we give to our sons or daughters for their future.... The tax that we give for our internal security is now to protect the person who has declared war against us killed our fellow country men and is not feeling guilty for it........ So my appeal to my fellow country men is to please stop paying towards Kasab (we can do this by hanging him faster since it will cost less to us).... The precious lives will not come back if we do so but its not from a sense of revenge I am demanding the death of Kasab... I sympathize all those who kill because state is neglecting them in-spite of the fact they are citizen (though they still do not have a right to kill), I sympathize that person who killed somebody accidentally or in a heat of moment (I dont feel they should not be punished).... But I am ready to pay for them ( all the cost to jail them or make them right since thats for my internal security).... But I have no sympathy for a person who unnecessarily comes in my land in order to create disintegration, kill innocent people.... So my request to the common man (because they are the people who formed the Indian government) is to hang this Azmal Kasab........

Ayanendu Sanyal

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Scorpion that Wanna become famous

A Scorpion tried to bit me recently.... Unfortunately it failed and it got itself killed...... But the sequence was really interesting...

9.10 pm Power Went off

9.15 PM I took the food in the canteen and was proceeding to one of the chairs to sit

9.15 PM All of a sudden I felt something like a Ant bite but it was harder and I screamed

9.20 PM From people I came to know that I have been bitten by scorpion

9.25 Students were after the scorpion they were undecided whether to kill the scorpion or not some were telling kill it some animal activist were telling dont kill

9.30 PM the scorpion was under the table it cannot understand which way it can go

9.35 finally it moved towards some chairs and those who were eating were on the chairs... But nobody was looking what happened to me ????? I was just wondering who should be the focus of attention

9.40 Finally Architesh took a Chappal and killed it when it try to cross the pathit was tied and brought out for display. Now people had a look at me

9.45 I told me take me to the hospital.... Some were unsure about it.... Some thought whether it will be good to apply dettol or haldi....

9.55 A car was standing nearby and some person had the presence of mind to call me and to send me off in that car and I got to the hospital

10.00 The doc told it did not bite me properly

10.05 I was back in the Hostel.... Relaxed that I will be alive.....

But the scorpion got attention for two days as it was displayed there and I got questions like How are u only for one day.... So the scorpion wanted to be famous and it became so and I was its scapegoat
Attached is the Photo of the scorpion Courtesy Jonathan Kennedy

An Interesting Story

Our sweet Krishna Bhai (Khrushna M Pattanaik) was the only person in ISEC to be referred to a Gynae Doc. Isnt that interesting? Krishna Bhai boast of it often... I met bhai the day after the Scorpion bit me or tried to bit me. Krushna bhai said thank god that you are at least not referred to the gynae like me..... I asked were you ever referred to the gynae he said yes.... I was quite shocked .... How could he be referred to gynae after all he is male.... What happened was a very funny incident???? He got well and went to Chandana Hospital he was dehydrated and fast needed medical attention..... The only doc available was a gynecologist.... So She examined him and gave him some medicines which he had not disclosed to me.... The rest of the story You can hear from Krushna bhai try to locate him in our student mail... or u can contact him in orkut also

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Could we built Angels without Demons?

I recently read a novel by Dan Brown (author of Da Vinci Code) named Angels and Demons... I don't know how to interpret the title of the thriller... But it seems that the author has been extremely philosophical in naming his murder mystery... In the novel where murders occurs in the Vatican under the banner of Illuminati a lost brotherhood centuries ago there were mention of angels every where but where is the demon and why demon was what my inquisitive nature asked me... There was a war between science and religion.... was the demon a representative of the demonic nature of human.... It can always be.. But a few lines there in the novel made me philosophical in this world everything came in opposite from religion to science everything... If I am a bit religious I have godliness as because i have exactly the opposite satanic... If I am a social scientist I believe in equality as i have inequality I have rich as I have poor I have democracy as I have dictatorship... Isnt it strange that everything in this world has opposite in science I have man woman ... and even in physics I have positive charge negative charge.... the language of science in mathematics has positive negative.... The recent experiment to unveil the secrets of dark energy has matter and anti mater.... And what is more strange that without any of these we cannot understand the other we cannot have felt happiness if we have not gone through sorrow and vice versa... We could not define a man completely without the conception of woman and so on... Actually the whole of this world is made in pairs to keep balance.... when we say that this has no side effects we are wrong we have simply known one side of the picture.... The only line that I can think from the book that perhaps a single subject like science is too young to understand it... Perhaps the only way to explain these phenomenon is a bit philosophically..

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Institute and research

Who says that a research is boring???? Research is never boring in my institution inspite of the fact they pay us extremely less.... This is because lots of events continues side by side... I personally is continuously very much attached to sports and music but there are certain grim jawed fellows who dont like music and neither do they like mixing with people.... You will find all kind of people here and everybody in his nature is unique and his character is again researchable... One thing I did not get how so many diverse mentalities cultures come in the dining hall and and appreciate or disappreciate the food cooked there or how they stands unified for other students.... I have read that unity in diversity is a cool feature of India and I got to realise it now.... My institution has given me a feeling that research is multidimensional and people are diversivied but there is only one truth that unifies us all.... Our approach may be different but we all approach the same truth in different manner so perhaps the logo perfectly contains the word in sanskrit 'dhruvam adhrumeshu'....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Email Address

I have two email address
This post will help my friends to search me easily.....