Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Interesting Story

Our sweet Krishna Bhai (Khrushna M Pattanaik) was the only person in ISEC to be referred to a Gynae Doc. Isnt that interesting? Krishna Bhai boast of it often... I met bhai the day after the Scorpion bit me or tried to bit me. Krushna bhai said thank god that you are at least not referred to the gynae like me..... I asked were you ever referred to the gynae he said yes.... I was quite shocked .... How could he be referred to gynae after all he is male.... What happened was a very funny incident???? He got well and went to Chandana Hospital he was dehydrated and fast needed medical attention..... The only doc available was a gynecologist.... So She examined him and gave him some medicines which he had not disclosed to me.... The rest of the story You can hear from Krushna bhai try to locate him in our student mail... or u can contact him in orkut also


angan said...

Even here u have told your own strange story (drama) of scorpion biting.....!!!!! Carry on .......Gussa maat hona bachcha !!!!!


This kind of story is only apllicable for u. why do u send this kind of msg to ISEC webmail