Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Scorpion that Wanna become famous

A Scorpion tried to bit me recently.... Unfortunately it failed and it got itself killed...... But the sequence was really interesting...

9.10 pm Power Went off

9.15 PM I took the food in the canteen and was proceeding to one of the chairs to sit

9.15 PM All of a sudden I felt something like a Ant bite but it was harder and I screamed

9.20 PM From people I came to know that I have been bitten by scorpion

9.25 Students were after the scorpion they were undecided whether to kill the scorpion or not some were telling kill it some animal activist were telling dont kill

9.30 PM the scorpion was under the table it cannot understand which way it can go

9.35 finally it moved towards some chairs and those who were eating were on the chairs... But nobody was looking what happened to me ????? I was just wondering who should be the focus of attention

9.40 Finally Architesh took a Chappal and killed it when it try to cross the pathit was tied and brought out for display. Now people had a look at me

9.45 I told me take me to the hospital.... Some were unsure about it.... Some thought whether it will be good to apply dettol or haldi....

9.55 A car was standing nearby and some person had the presence of mind to call me and to send me off in that car and I got to the hospital

10.00 The doc told it did not bite me properly

10.05 I was back in the Hostel.... Relaxed that I will be alive.....

But the scorpion got attention for two days as it was displayed there and I got questions like How are u only for one day.... So the scorpion wanted to be famous and it became so and I was its scapegoat
Attached is the Photo of the scorpion Courtesy Jonathan Kennedy

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