Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Could we built Angels without Demons?

I recently read a novel by Dan Brown (author of Da Vinci Code) named Angels and Demons... I don't know how to interpret the title of the thriller... But it seems that the author has been extremely philosophical in naming his murder mystery... In the novel where murders occurs in the Vatican under the banner of Illuminati a lost brotherhood centuries ago there were mention of angels every where but where is the demon and why demon was what my inquisitive nature asked me... There was a war between science and religion.... was the demon a representative of the demonic nature of human.... It can always be.. But a few lines there in the novel made me philosophical in this world everything came in opposite from religion to science everything... If I am a bit religious I have godliness as because i have exactly the opposite satanic... If I am a social scientist I believe in equality as i have inequality I have rich as I have poor I have democracy as I have dictatorship... Isnt it strange that everything in this world has opposite in science I have man woman ... and even in physics I have positive charge negative charge.... the language of science in mathematics has positive negative.... The recent experiment to unveil the secrets of dark energy has matter and anti mater.... And what is more strange that without any of these we cannot understand the other we cannot have felt happiness if we have not gone through sorrow and vice versa... We could not define a man completely without the conception of woman and so on... Actually the whole of this world is made in pairs to keep balance.... when we say that this has no side effects we are wrong we have simply known one side of the picture.... The only line that I can think from the book that perhaps a single subject like science is too young to understand it... Perhaps the only way to explain these phenomenon is a bit philosophically..

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Institute and research

Who says that a research is boring???? Research is never boring in my institution inspite of the fact they pay us extremely less.... This is because lots of events continues side by side... I personally is continuously very much attached to sports and music but there are certain grim jawed fellows who dont like music and neither do they like mixing with people.... You will find all kind of people here and everybody in his nature is unique and his character is again researchable... One thing I did not get how so many diverse mentalities cultures come in the dining hall and and appreciate or disappreciate the food cooked there or how they stands unified for other students.... I have read that unity in diversity is a cool feature of India and I got to realise it now.... My institution has given me a feeling that research is multidimensional and people are diversivied but there is only one truth that unifies us all.... Our approach may be different but we all approach the same truth in different manner so perhaps the logo perfectly contains the word in sanskrit 'dhruvam adhrumeshu'....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Email Address

I have two email address
This post will help my friends to search me easily.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life as a Mess Manager

I found that it is very much interesting to be a mess manager at ISEC if you are working seriously in the mess.... Forget your studies is the first formula of being a good mess manager but if you really want to be an efficient one you have to do it simultaneously... Whenever I have been the mess manager in ISEC I had tremendous trouble with the staff and sometimes even with the boys. This time was also no exception... But there was a difference this time... So I sorted ou what are the good ways to be a good mess manager

1)Never shout at the mess this is one thing I use to do every time even this time was not an exception... But this is the first rule

2) Division of work between the two managers ... Often it happens that your partner works and you dozz or vice versa this shouldnt be the case

3)Keep an account of the number of people eating in the mess it often happens that 24 people are there and the prepaaration is for 40 people this shouldnt be the case

4)Make extras atleast 6 this is another formula of reducing mess bill

5)Dont allow sabji bill tobe more than 250 per day order regularly and accordingly prepare a chart

6)Keep an account of the milk... I would prefer bringing milk

7)Give your guest advantage of paying later collect advance but little dont tell him it has exceeded this much and he needs to pay

8)Last but not the least take rates of grocery everyday so that you have an idea where things are heading at

I have followed some of these and I have always gained so think if everybody have managed in that manner how good will it be
Cheeers Ayan

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good leaders automatically generates greater percentage of votes

The elections are getting closer day by day.... The Times of India is in action with Lead India... Several other organisations are trying to increase the percentage of poll.... The common advertisement is Election ke din agar aap vote nahin kar rahein hon to aap so rahein ho. I just had a thinking in my mind the reduction in the percentage of votes each year means people are less interested in politics unless something awful happens because they are aware that whatever the party is the conditions are not going to change.... The leaders follow a very old idiom that Promises are made not to keep but to break.... Students do politics not to be a future leader but they are oppurtunistic if they can make some good from it and the result is we have a leader who is illiterate and is only there to make money... The civil services day by day is becoming unattractive for those who join it with a cause.... Its time for a change and we nead good leaders Lead India must search for good leaders who are interested in politics and take part in direct politics rather than increasing the percentage of votes..... Policies recommended need to be implemented... And leaders need to think less about the vote bank but what will help the country to go ahead in the long runs... So TOI please give us good leaders ... greater percentage of votes will come automatically