Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good leaders automatically generates greater percentage of votes

The elections are getting closer day by day.... The Times of India is in action with Lead India... Several other organisations are trying to increase the percentage of poll.... The common advertisement is Election ke din agar aap vote nahin kar rahein hon to aap so rahein ho. I just had a thinking in my mind the reduction in the percentage of votes each year means people are less interested in politics unless something awful happens because they are aware that whatever the party is the conditions are not going to change.... The leaders follow a very old idiom that Promises are made not to keep but to break.... Students do politics not to be a future leader but they are oppurtunistic if they can make some good from it and the result is we have a leader who is illiterate and is only there to make money... The civil services day by day is becoming unattractive for those who join it with a cause.... Its time for a change and we nead good leaders Lead India must search for good leaders who are interested in politics and take part in direct politics rather than increasing the percentage of votes..... Policies recommended need to be implemented... And leaders need to think less about the vote bank but what will help the country to go ahead in the long runs... So TOI please give us good leaders ... greater percentage of votes will come automatically

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ANIRBAN said...

it's absolutely right. all the politicians come before election with lot of promises...but nothing has been implemented properly.......administrative failure