Friday, May 28, 2010

Why the government isn't answerable to law for its callousness?

If it is an Maoist attack on the Jnaneswari Express. It must be condemned and the rebels should be punished by law.... But alternatively it was a government fault too which did not learnt from past experience and thus did not take enough measure to prevent this type of accident... So why should they not be answerable to law.? My deepest condolence to the bereaved families of those who died in the sabotage of Jnaneswari express. May the souls of all those who died rest in peace.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An open appeal to all----- Why Should I pay for Azmal Kasab???

Dear Country men and women,

I dont want to pay for Azmal Kasab who has come to my country killed people tried to disintegrate the unity of our country tried to terrorise you and me..... You must be quizzing yourself that how I and you being a common man paying towards him...... You must be aware of the fact that crores of Rupees are being spent for his security and this money comes from our tax. Even those who do not pay income tax pay sales tax through all the purchase they made for there living so the poorest of the poor is also making a contribution towards his security.... Although I am proud that my fellow country men are tolerant enough (which proves that they are Indians) to spend there hard earned money behind a terrorist who killed their fellowmen. But I am a black sheep.... I dont want to pay for him........ I feel that we should respect other countries not try to disintegrate them unnecessarily. But if somebody attacks us we must not leave him every day this fellow (Azmal Kasab) lives we spend our hard earned money for him that we give as a tax for development that we give to our sons or daughters for their future.... The tax that we give for our internal security is now to protect the person who has declared war against us killed our fellow country men and is not feeling guilty for it........ So my appeal to my fellow country men is to please stop paying towards Kasab (we can do this by hanging him faster since it will cost less to us).... The precious lives will not come back if we do so but its not from a sense of revenge I am demanding the death of Kasab... I sympathize all those who kill because state is neglecting them in-spite of the fact they are citizen (though they still do not have a right to kill), I sympathize that person who killed somebody accidentally or in a heat of moment (I dont feel they should not be punished).... But I am ready to pay for them ( all the cost to jail them or make them right since thats for my internal security).... But I have no sympathy for a person who unnecessarily comes in my land in order to create disintegration, kill innocent people.... So my request to the common man (because they are the people who formed the Indian government) is to hang this Azmal Kasab........

Ayanendu Sanyal